20 Unique Wedding Favour Ideas

20 Unique Wedding Favour Ideas

With all that goes into planning a wedding, the wedding favours are often left as somewhat of an afterthought. But wedding favours are actually a really fun element that can beautifully reflect the bridal couple. Here are some unique, creative wedding favour ideas to consider.

20 of the Best Wedding Favour Ideas

  1. A Rubik’s Cube

A hit in the eighties and its popularity doesn’t seem to have waned, the Rubik’s Cube is a really fun, ornamental favour idea for any wedding, themed or not. This little brainteaser will keep guests of all ages entertained.

  1. Sweetie Mix

For those bridal couples with a bit of a sweet tooth, the colourful mix of sweets in a glass jar, plastic or brown paper packet is a beautiful idea. To really add to this fun gift, you can let guests choose their own mix from an old-school sweetie cart.

  1. Christmas Crackers

For weddings that fall close to the festive season, then a really simple but fun favour is Christmas crackers. If you really want to personalise this, you could go for the ‘make-your-own’ crackers and add a special gift inside.

  1. Personalised Lego Figures

If your budget extends this far, then Lego figurines of you and your loved one are a really fantastic idea. For more intimate weddings, you could even get Lego figurines of each guest.

  1. Fortune Cookies

This is an economic and interesting wedding favour that allows for a personalised message. Fortune cookies are relatively easy to make, and they can be placed in a pretty box or paper wrapping.

  1. Signature Prints

If you have an artistic friend then why not get them to create a print of yourself and your groom. This can be placed on a variety of surfaces and distributed to guests. For a really intimate wedding, you could get an artist to draw prints of the guests to take home.

  1. Socks

Always useful and a great favour for cooler climates, signature socks with a quirky design and the wedding date work very well.

  1. Polaroid Pictures

You could give your guests a polaroid of you and your partner in a fun pose with a personalised message, or you could get guests to take their own polaroids (with you if desired) at the wedding. This is a great activity for when the bridal photographs are being taken.

  1. A Lottery Ticket

If you’re feeling lucky and want to share this luck with your guests, buy everyone a lotto ticket. It might be worth specifying that guests have to go 50-50 with you if they win!

  1. Spices

Aromatic and beautifully colourful, spices in a thin, plastic tube or glass jar are a really lovely wedding favour idea. To mix it up a bit, each guest could be given a different spice – this also adds to the table flavours!

  1. Flower Seeds

Let your love grow with a packet of flower seeds for each guest. This will act as a symbolic reminder of the day when these beauties flower.

  1. Succulents

Along the same vein is the financially-sympathetic succulent wedding favour. They can be placed in a glass jar or painted pot and the miniature succulents are particularly cute.

  1. Sparklers and Matches

A personalised matchbox and sparkler are the perfect way to illuminate an evening wedding while giving your gifts a great favour. They also make for amazing wedding pictures.

  1. Personalised Bottle Opener

A user-friendly, compact and fantastic wedding favour is the personalised bottle opener. Make sure your guests remember you with every drink!

  1. Fun Wristbands

Make your guests feel particularly special with personalised wristbands. This can be a simple Tyvek or vinyl wristband, or even the fancier silicone USB wristband – all with your wedding details embossed.

  1. Candied Popcorn

Similar to the sweetie mix is the candied popcorn favour. These are easy to make and create a really vintage vibe when placed in glass jars on the table.

  1. Doughnuts

You can either make your own or opt for a delicious Krispy Kreme doughnut, placed in a beautiful box. This can double as your wedding dessert as well.

  1. Cake in a Jar

Replacing the ‘cake in a mug’ trend is the unique ‘cake in a jar’ which looks and tastes divine! This could even be the same as your wedding cake, giving guests a taste at the wedding and at home.

  1. Hangover Kits

If your guests enjoy a part then they might also enjoy a suitable remedy – a hangover kit. You can add items such as rehydrate, Panado, chocolate and eye masks.

  1. Gold coins

Reiterating the line ‘for richer or poorer’, place a gold, chocolate coin with a note for your guests. Easy to create and fun to eat.

If you’re wanting to add your stamp to any wedding favour, a stylised sticker with your names and wedding date is an easy and effective visual addition.

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