5 Important Questions to Ask Your Weekend Wedding Venue

5 Important Questions to Ask Your Weekend Wedding Venue

Questions for your Wedding Venue

Planning your wedding can be stressful at times. In order to ease your stress it’s important to know the right questions to ask your weekend wedding venue to make sure that the day matches your expectations. Here are 5 important questions to ask your wedding venue:

1. Do you have accommodation onsite?

It is important to understand the logistics of how your guests are going to get to your wedding venue if it’s far away from Johannesburg and whether there will be enough accommodation for them onsite or close by. Most weekend wedding venues will accommodate a number of guests as they want your guests to enjoy the venue for the entire weekend. However make sure you have double checked numbers, prices and availability with them.

2. Are you planning on any major renovations before my wedding day?

Most wedding venues will tell you if they are planning any major changes to the venue before your wedding day and how this will impact you. However it’s still very important to ask. You don’t want to suddenly be faced with construction, scaffolding, dust and noise on your wedding day!

3. Are your caterer’s onsite or must I organise my own?

Sometimes a wedding venue may seem more expensive than others but it’s important to look at what is included in the venue hire. The more expensive wedding venue may include an onsite chef, food, crockery, cutlery and waitrons for the evening while others require you to find your own caterers and accessories. It’s important to factor this into your budget if this is the case.

4. Do you have a generator?

Unfortunately the electricity at some country wedding venues and in Johannesburg in general can be rather unreliable at times. Should load shedding be scheduled or if there is just a power outage it’s important that the wedding venue you choose has an alternative plan to provide power for cooking, music and lights.

5. Will the venue belong exclusively to me and my guests on my wedding day? 

If you are happy with sharing a wedding venue either with another venue or hotel guests then this isn’t an issue, however if you’re planning your picture perfect day to include only your guests then it’s important to ask this question. There are some beautiful weekend wedding venues that can be hired exclusively for one wedding and their guests only, for the entire weekend or for one day only. If this is what you envision for your wedding day then it’s important to ask this question to your chosen wedding venue.

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