7 Summer Wedding Trends

7 Summer Wedding Trends

As the winter chill thaws, the summer wedding preparations are getting underway and it’s time to check out the best of the summer wedding trends coming through for the 2018/2019 season. Here are some of the hottest summer wedding trends to consider for your upcoming nuptials.

Summer Wedding Trends

  1. Fruity centrepieces

Rather than the traditional colourful flowers as table centrepieces, this summer wedding trend has swayed to incorporate juicy summer fruits as a preferred option. The medley of yellows, oranges, reds, purples and greens really brightens up the table arrangement and brings to mind the Medieval times when fruit was such a delicacy. Get creative with the table setting by using hollowed-out watermelons as a container for the décor.

  1. Wine smoothies

In keeping with the fruit theme is the deliciously refreshing wine smoothie. These are perfect for the ‘waiting period’ when the bridal party is off having photographs taken. Generally made with a fruity rosé, the smoothie is then blended with ice and your selection of fruits. You can even make a signature smoothie as part of your summer wedding trend.


  1. Eco-friendly favours

This summer wedding trend is just lovely. Wedding favours are taking on a much ‘greener’ hue with eco-friendly gift options the preferred choice. Ideas include locally-grown herbs in biodegradable or glass containers, indigenous plants, or even a donation to a local charity.

Wedding Gift Trends

  1. Wedding cape

A light-fabric summer cape is becoming a hot summer wedding trend to replace the traditional veil, which some brides consider too archaic. This can be easily removed to reveal the dress beneath, and makes for great photographs. Popular materials include sheer and embroidered veils, and a touch of crystal will mean no jewellery is needed. These work well in areas where there might be an evening nip in the air, despite the summertime setting.

  1. Colour me beautiful

White, off-white, eggshell and ivory are being replaced by bold colours for summer wedding dresses. The symbolic purity of the white is being overturned with lilac, cherry red and saffron making a splash. If you’re not keen on going without the traditional white, then try add a touch of colour somewhere on the dress. A very popular summer wedding trend.

Colorful Wedding Dress

  1. Light the way

While the initial thought of neon signs might bring ‘trashy American motel’ to mind, used cleverly and sparsely, a neon sign can be quite a fantastic way to enliven the summer wedding décor. They can have the bridal couple’s name or slogan, or be used to indicate where the reception area is being held. Whatever you choose, these can then feature in your marital home as a fun reminder of the day.

Summer trend for weddings

  1. Late-night snack time

Fast-becoming a popular summer wedding trend, is the late, pre-dance snack assortment that allows guest to carbo-load while soaking up a bit of the extra alcohol! Where the doughnut wall was big a few years back, this is now being replaced by cheese and breadsticks, pizzas and mini-burgers or bunny chows.

Remember that a summertime wedding is all about vibrant colours and smells. If you prefer something a bit more subdued, you can bring the summer element in through nuanced décor pieces and wedding favours, rather than going completely tropical.

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