A bespoke suit for your wedding day

A bespoke suit for your wedding day

A must read for the groom

When it gets to your suit on your wedding day, nothing beats a bespoke tailored suit, much like wedding dresses; suits go through trends year after year.

Your suit should compliment you, for the more creative types, the traditional tweeds are an option. By tweed, I am referring to check and wool mix suits which are a massive trend for the creative type.

The option of tweed is ideal for a rustic country style wedding like what you would find at the Nutcracker wedding venue. Tweed is timeless and looks amazing, should you feel that it’s too loud, try a tweed waistcoat with a more traditional type suit. Either way, it adds great texture or you’ll feel at home in the outdoors.

Should you be the groom preferring the footballers or celebrity option, a bespoke suit made of shades of grey. If you want to stand out, consider burgundy. This colour is suited to the autumn and winter colours and allows for a lot of mixing and matching of colours. It’s a great colour to play around with. An important note is to run it by the bridesmaids, it would be a bit of a clash should they be going for that pastel burgundy that is typically found at weddings.

The next option is the Grey suit, it’s a winner and you can mix and match colours. Grey exudes an air of confidence and sophistication. You will stick out and be bang on trend. Charcoal grey is a winner at the moment and mix it with a light grey or blue tint shirt. You can accessorize with a bit of yellow and pink should you wish or stick black for the more formal occasion.

If you the type who prefers the slim fit. It bucks the trend of baggy is in, but it’s a contemporary rake on things as far as weddings go. Brides are going for form fitting dresses, so perhaps a slim fit is for you.

All things considered, there are no short cuts. Off the hanger, suits can make a mess of things. There is nothing like an impeccably tailored suit.

You may even want to try an electric blue and have the confidence to strut your stuff, stick out in the crowd and have a little fun with your outfit.

I may be a stickler for the conventional, a charcoal grey with a light grey cotton shirt, finely Tailored light blue tweed breast coat. A subtle burgundy bow tie and smart blacks underfoot. Oxford type.

Get your budget right, get the fitting right and be comfortable in your suit. Wear it well, be comfortable in it. Let your suit compliment you.