Best Wedding Entrance Ideas

Best Wedding Entrance Ideas

Everybody loves a wedding…time to get dressed in your finest, celebrate a romantic union between close friends and then a great party afterwards. And while many people are retaining certain traditional elements that make weddings such enjoyable occasions, there is a trend to personalise aspects of the wedding so that it stands out. One way that has really gained popularity is the wedding entrance. Rather than the bride walking down the aisle, accompanied by dad, to the wedding march, bridal couples are mixing it up with some really interesting ‘wedding entrance’ ideas.

9 of the Best Wedding Entrance Ideas

Here are a few that have really worked well.

  1. Flash mob

This might take a bit of preparation but is great time spent with the bridal party! A flash mob is a seemingly impromptu dance or performance that involves some of the audience. You can even involve a few of your guests to make your wedding entrance even more spectacular.

  1. Singing

There is something very moving about someone giving a heartfelt rendition at a wedding and this could be anyone with some form of singing talent, be it the bridal party or any other wedding guest. Just remember it’s not a karaoke situation and it’s important to have some rehearsal sessions ahead of the day. A truly special wedding entrance idea.

  1. Groomsmen

Traditionally, the groom and groomsmen are made to wait at the front of the venue, awaiting the grand entrance of the bride and her crew. A fun wedding entrance idea is to give the gentlemen a bit more attention by letting them walk down the aisle or perform some other spectacular entrance that plays to their talents …singing, dancing, magic, sporting ability…you can be quite creative!

  1. Puppy power

Including a beloved family pet in the wedding entrance and ceremony is always heart-warming, so if you have a beloved puppy, pet pig or even well-trained cat, then you could get them to be the ring bearer. For those horse-riding families, trotting to the wedding venue is always a really beautiful way to start the wedding ceremony. Just remember to encourage all animals to have a toilet break before things get underway.

  1. Going solo

Many young women – and men – quite like the idea of being accompanied by a parent down the aisle, however there is also a movement to reject the archaic notion of being ‘owned’ and ‘handed over’ to the future partner. For brides wanting to show their independence, why not stride down that aisle solo when you enter the wedding venue? It’s a great representation of one’s freedom and self-reliance.

  1. Walk together

As another popular wedding entrance, you could show everyone the importance of equality in a marriage by walking down the aisle with your future partner. This gives the groom an opportunity to show off his glam suit while also indicating that you’re starting your married life exactly as it should be – in partnership with your spouse.  

  1. Light it up

You could use lights as a way to create an incredible vibe for the wedding entrance. By darkening the interior and then illuminating with fairy lights or other lighting effects – this could be a real wedding spectacular! Another fantastic lighting effect is by giving guests sparklers to light as you’re leaving the ceremony – this is perfect for evening weddings and looks amazing in photos.

  1. Extravagant entrance

And for those of you with endless piles of cash, you can go with something truly remarkable for the wedding entrance – vintage cars, helicopters, horse-drawn carriages or even a hot air balloon. Any of these will most certainly be memorable!

  1. Tractor ride

The rustic wedding trend is still very popular and for this, the tractor ride entrance works in extremely well. The bride can sit on hay bales, just remember to clean out the tractor of all mud – and other associated farm messes – so the dress is not ruined before the day even gets started.

Wedding entrance

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