Bubbles and cheers the Nutcracker way

Bubbles and cheers the Nutcracker way

Bubbles and cheers the Nutcracker way

When I was sent this shot, it made me sit back and smile. It’s looking at the groomsman a couple hours before the clock beckons the call of the bride and the scuffle and scurry moments before she arrives at the chapel.

I love this picture, compliments of Splendid productions. The shot epitomises exactly what we strive to be, a fun, loving and awesome wedding weekend experience.

People make a wedding, but great people; living life and full of love and ready for fun make the wedding celebration so much more. It’s the epic wedding shindig all your mates have been talking about for the past year.

I am so chuffed when I meet these happy people, I know then at that moment it’s going to be a blast. I mean how could you not be having fun with these chaps, gotta love ‘em.

So what makes this shot so special besides the fact that it was taken this past weekend at the Nutcracker which is close to my heart, the beau ideal for your wedding day celebration.

Then it’s the great people that make it happen, the eye of the photographer and that bottled up cascading bubble symphony. It all comes together…and not like the advert states.

We bring it together with great people, fun people, happy people.

So when I receive a photo like this, I am overcome by many memories and emotions of so many such like instants over the past 6 years. This photo tells a story.

I love it.