Bush versus Beach Weddings

Bush versus Beach Weddings

The South African landscape just lends itself to memorable outdoor weddings. If you’re looking for waterside venues, then the coastline offers endless options…from the warmth of the East Coast’s Indian Ocean to the turquoise waters and whitewashed beaches of the Atlantic Ocean in the West, beach venues are always a win. And for those looking for a uniquely African experience, then there is no end of bush wedding venues on offer. To help you decide whether a bush or beach wedding is for you, here are some things to consider:

Advantages Bush versus Beach Weddings

  1. Inspired setting

There is something truly magical about getting married completely surrounded by nature. Whether it’s the crashing ocean waves or call of the Fish Eagle in the background, you can’t help but find your happy place when celebrating a union in such beautiful settings.

  1. Intimate wedding

Destination weddings, such as the beach and bush, generally require a smaller guest list because of the distance that has to be travelled, and this makes for a really special wedding experience.

  1. Comfortable attire

Both guests and the bridal couple can get away with wearing much more comfortable clothing than in a more traditional setting. While this doesn’t mean dressing for just a day at the beach or in the bush, there is less demand for formal wedding wear.

  1. Stunning photos

Whether it’s the crisp ocean background and wind blowing the bride’s hair, or the sunset glowing off the African bush, both venues provide really unique opportunities for beautiful wedding photos.

Beach Wedding Benefits

  • Cost factor – beach weddings require no ceremonial venue hire and tend to be simpler, less extravagant in nature. The end result is that they are memorable, enjoyable and gentler on the pocket. 
  • One venue for ceremony and reception – depending on the beach you choose, there is the option of having the entire affair on the beachside, meaning less hassle and – again – less cost.
  • Built-in décor – the natural beauty offered by a beachside wedding means there is very little needed in terms of décor. It’s also a bit risky arranging too much in case the weather turns or wind picks up so the simpler, the better.

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Bush Wedding Benefits

  • Extend the fun – getting everybody to the bush generally means a bit of travel time for guests so it’s worth booking out the venue for the weekend and encouraging everyone to stay over. This means more time with family and friends, rather than a rushed chat on the wedding night.
  • Game drives – whether you’re a local resident or visitor from afar, there is something captivating about viewing African wildlife in their natural habitat. Game drives are always a great activity for guests and create fun, shared experiences.
  • Element of surprise – being so close to wildlife, there’s always a sense of danger and elevated emotions which makes the whole wedding much more fun. Elephants could walk past at any time, long-necked giraffes could swan over and take the focus…there’s no planning how nature will interpret your wedding!

Both beach and bush weddings have a number of unique elements that make them such in-demand wedding options and, at the end of the day, your wedding will be truly majestic and memorable whichever venue you go for. Just remember that Mother Nature has her own plans so you have to roll with it and not get too stressed over things that you cannot control!

In between a bush and a beach wedding is a country wedding venue that can perhaps offer the best of both worlds. You are close to nature yet not exposed to wildlife nor the unruly wind and sand of the beach. It could be the perfect compromise between the two.

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