Choosing your wedding venue

Choosing your wedding venue

Your wedding day in Joburg, Muldersdrift or even the Midlands.

Now also on offer in Parys.

Muldersdrift, Gauteng is located near The Wonder Cave; one of the show caves of the Cradle of Humankind, a World Heritage Site. Muldersdrift is also often referred to as the “wedding capital” of Gauteng with more than 40 wedding and conference venues such as Memoire and Avianto. It is well known for its accommodation, restaurants, and spas.

The Midlands Meander, KwaZulu-Natal, is one of the most popular routes in South Africa. It offers arts and crafts, wedding and conference venues, outstanding accommodation, cuisine, and revitalising outdoor activities all in a truly beautiful surrounding. Wedding venues are scattered all across the countryside, it’s finding that unique and special place or chapel or reception venue or ideal photo op that attracts us to our chosen wonderland.

Gauteng and its surrounds have plenty on offer when it gets to venue options. From the chic to the glitzy and glamourous often found at hotels and country clubs, to the endless rolling lawns in the Natal Midlands to the wedding belt in Muldersdrift and too far flung places not so far away from the quaint town of Parys which offers numerous options and varied choice.

The town of Parys which is a mere hour and a half on the motorway from Johannesburg, an escape to paradise in proximity to the rolling hills of the Vredefort dome, where air balloons meet skydivers and white water greets the avid kayak enthusiast. There are also plenty filling stations, bottle stores and almost 28 churches – two guesses where the town was on Sunday morning.

In amongst all the excitement is a special place – The Nutcracker Country Venue. A hidden gem; known by some, frequented by the lucky ones and enjoyed by all. Your wedding day, your day is something we aspire to be a part of. Our personalised service, tranquil setting, delicious food and exclusivity of the estate is what attracts our guests to this special place.

Choose a venue that resonates with you, appeals to you and your personality and compliments with what you have in mind. All venues offer something unique; it’s finding that special uniqueness like you find in your partner that makes for your special day.

A chapel ceremony, something light to eat or the picnic scene or perhaps the more contemporary canapes followed by the waltz or whatever they do these days which seems to be a little bit of mambo #5 then dinner and dine. Allow your imagination to unfold and be at one with your choice.

At the end of it all, no matter where you choose to exchange your vows it’s up to you to have fun and make the most of your day. The Venue creates the backdrop for your day. It’s you and your guests that make it a special occasion.