Farm and Country Weddings

Farm and Country Weddings

A smart, relaxed and real way to celebrate your wedding day

Getting married on a farm or in the Country can be so much fun and it need not be your uncle’s sheep farm and grazing pen. There are beautiful, Pecan nut farms, wine farms, citrus farms and the like, which all create magical backdrops for your special day.

There is a special romance and beauty of the surrounds. It’s important that you scout the venue and decide what works for you. Consider how it makes you feel and whether it touches your soul. You must feel totally comfortable with your choice. The decision should not be based on a small difference in price, rather that which makes you happy, and a sense of belonging.

There are so many beautiful wedding venues out in the country side. It’s finding these hidden gems that becomes the challenge. Unless you have been there, they generally are found by word of mouth or scanning through the internet to find exactly that which you are looking for. Most often, a special place may appear across your screen, something new, exciting and the perfect fit to your theme, that special country wedding venue or perhaps a vacant stand next to your uncle’s farm – the grazing one.

Farm style weddings are about embodying the spirit of a farm and infusing it into your big day. Being eco-friendly, being authentic, skipping the fuss and celebrating the heart of the matter. Often, brides are so lost in their wedding day, they forget to enjoy and lose the actual meaning of their day

The relaxed atmosphere along with the nature element connects us with our worldly realm and overshadows any scheduling errors or late arrivals by some still making use of out-dated mapping. It somehow provides us with a totally different perspective to the tense and uptight options that would be ghastly alternatives in my view. Most of these Venues offer a weekend wedding getaway. This is such an awesome way to celebrate your marriage, close friends and family coming together for a couple days.

The country allows us to be free in our imagination, letting go of all the do’s and don’ts of certain establishments and the freedom to just do what you want.  Imagine the bridesmaids or little girls walking down the aisle carrying bouquets handmade by the bride, guys in classic grey and a twist of colour in the socks always gets one talking. Even getting your close friend to bake your most favourite cake in the world, which adds that special touch and embodies your very own unique personality along with the other decadent bits and bites you dying to get your teeth into? This all sounds like fun .It’s in the countryside that most people find peace, so, surely that’s should be an obvious choice?

You need to make it your own!