Get Dressed Wedding Princess

Get Dressed Wedding Princess

The Nutcracker Wedding bells, wedding dress and “YOU” the main feature.

Billowing silhouettes and organic textures borrow from our natural heritage – Rural landscape – no fuss required at The Nutcracker County Venue.


The Nutcracker Country Venue – May 2015

Whether you wearing couture, made-to-measure, off the peg or vintage; wear your dress and wear it well. We all have our preferences but leave the marshmallow look at home. In the right dress, the most natural of woman can beam like a ray of sunlight.

If you are fortunate enough to get married out in the countryside and hopefully at The Nutcracker Country Venue, living the part of a free and joyful princess is part of our special place.

Elly, pictured above was such a joy to meet and she shows us how it should be done. The picture says it all. When meeting with her a couple months prior to her wedding day, she said,” I don’t have any style requests for the day except that I wear my hair down.” We can see now why that was a reasonable request.

What I love the most is how it all comes together, the beautifully sequenced dress, shadowing her moves, she wears it well, and she owns the space. Feeling and looking the part is complimented by a natural, subtle looking, elegant in style, form fitting, free flowing and stunning.

If you comfortable in your skin, why not show a little off the shoulder, a low back or perhaps a slight tease of the leg. This is where a good wedding dress designer or a good friend may lend a hand in providing the critique you need.

Consider the following:

  • Would you wear your wedding dress again, if not why not…?
  • Would you like your dress to follow you or rather your bridesmaids continuously puffing it out
  • Does your dress compliment your body shape?
  • Which is more noticeable, you or your dress?
  • If you need to diet a few weeks prior to final fit, push the reset button, you have the making of a one hit wonder and most likely a misfit.
  • Don’t believe everyone in the dressing room; get some critique from the opposite sex, another perspective so to say.
  • If you have nice feet, show them off, great legs can have a peek too.
  • If you envisage wearing your dress to breakfast the morning after, I reckon you have done a fabulous job.

I have seen this aspect of the wedding planning go wrong all too often. It’s a difficult decision and personal but it need not be a nightmare. Sometimes taking a step back and thinking about what makes you feel comfortable, just like you would in that favorite pair of jeans . Why does your wedding dress need to be a bus lane wide and stand out like an oversized puffed up marshmallow.

Below pictured – Comfortable, discerning and elegant look, the off white softens and provides a fresh and confident look. The dress compliments the bride, the flow and feel and lower back exudes confidence. I am sure she feels like a bride, feels like a woman just married.


The Nutcracker Country Venue – November 2016

Subtle tones come together in the main reception venue.

The rustic chic décor provides the ideal backdrop for this elegant shot.





The Nutcracker Country Venue – June 2016

Wearing it well and pulling it off perfectly.

The photo is taken outside the homestead at The Nutcracker Country Venue.






Michael Bezuidenhout – Wedding dresses, Parys & Werner Dey Couture – Wedding dresses, Parys

Photographers: Splendid Productions & Gingerale Photography