Getting off to a good start (Part 2):

Getting off to a good start (Part 2):

2. Communicate:

Listen with big ears. The simple act of hearing is when the message passes right through your head. Listening is paying attention to what your partner is saying.
A great place to be is when you partner knows what you going to do or say way before you even get to that point. They sort of “get you”
Don’t expect your partner to be a psychic; that’s wishful thinking unless it truly is the case.
The confidence to express your vulnerabilities and feelings and desires is important. Some partners are too shy or feel vulnerable or exposed or have the fear of judgment running through them by expressing their inner feelings or deepest desires. When you get to the stage where you able to completely open up and feel free and secure in doing so, that’s an awesome feeling.
If you want to feel like a goddess, that freedom of letting go will assist greatly in you getting to the ultimate sense of euphoria.

You need to talk to each other, look into each other’s eyes and listen with big ears. Put the phone away, the notepad in its folder and the latest news bulletin can wait a few moments. It’s most often that the slightest thing said at a moment in time is the one thing that may have the greatest impact on your life.
How often have you seen people at a restaurant, each on their latest smartphones, flicking between various social media platforms and checking in here and there and missing the moment you are in. That moment of being present is forgotten, it has passed.
Is there really ever the right moment to discuss a topic or raise a concern, getting it off your chest is best when it gets to the point that its taking control of you. Speak soon and avoid the angst that sits in your belly and bottom of your soul. Don’t bottle things up, it only worsens things and a cascading vortex is an epic effort to stop.
Should your partner be nagging about the same thing over and over again, perhaps ask why, why is it so, why have you not considered. Perhaps a simple explanation and the eureka moment halts the continuous bombardment and nagging.
We are impacts by so many things in our lives. It’s how we deal with these. You need to express how you feel, why you feel the way you do. How the simplest and trivial thing seen by others may be the exact thing that has been driving you wild for the past few days.
It’s best to offer solutions to a problem as opposed to carrying on nagging on about it.

3. Taking ownership: 

Admitting that you have made a mistake.
Pointing fingers and blaming others is something we all need to stop doing. Take it on the chin and accept when you have made a mistake.
Saying you sorry and admitting your fault is far more admirable that casting blame. People respect you more and trust you more.
It’s often that we take out our frustrations on those dearest to us and blaming them on your being late for the game because you had to swing by your mother’s place to drop off her jacket she left at your house.
Is it really worth getting all worked up about a triviality?
Playing the victim is simply pathetic and reserved for people who thrive on chaos and the joys of the argument. It’s miserable, they need to get over themselves and take ownership ad find a way forward.
It’s often that we fret about the small stuff; rather get yourself into that spaceship. Get into orbit and look down onto our beautiful planet and ask yourself the question, ”what is it all about?”. How important is it in the big picture?