Happy Snappy Wedding Photos

Happy Snappy Wedding Photos

Booking a great photographer:

No matter how beautiful a wedding is in person, it needs one thing to really make a lasting impact: great photographer.

The choice of photographer is imperative in order for you to capture the special moments you shall cherish for the rest of your life and the ones who follow.

Besides the obvious technical skills that allow for that magical photo, here are some tips to take note of when considering this very important aspect of your wedding day.

  • Natural pictures capturing those “unseen” and unique unguarded moments.
  • The back drop – fitting and complimentary to you and your style and theme and personality.
  • The textures and feel of the photo, the special features that allow the photo to stand out and compliment you. The photo must be a representation of you, if you the earthy natural type, ensure the colour and textures in them is fitting of this.
  • The wedding photo should reflect both you and your partner where both of you would love that picture to be displayed on the mantle piece. Its not about how you look, it’s a couples photo, not a selfie
  • Let the venue speak for itself; capture some special and unusual places.
  • A portrait shot with clear lines- creating a beautiful backdrop to a rich and more complete and well defined portrait.
  • Take advantage of the architecture, The Nutcracker provides many beautiful backdrops and unusual features for you to take advantage of.
  • The surrounding hillsides and landscape along with the pecan nut orchard will provide the ideal setting for that natural portrait.
  • I always appreciate the photo revealing that quiet “off set” photo of the bride and groom, caught unawares sneaking a hug or kiss or whisper in the ear.
  • The Nutcracker country venue is situated in a beautiful part of the world; take advantage of the river, the surrounding hills and the walk among the orchard, the lawns and little nooks and cranny’s.

I have yet to walk into a home and find a collection or collage of wedding photos. The point is, less is more. Get a few great shots, amazing shots, defining shots.

Many photographers offer the multitude of pictures and endless editing to get you the same thing over and over again.

Be specific and keep it minimal and have the desired effect.

Should you be able to explain your requirements and spend a little time thinking about the aspects of photos, you will gain far more from the photographer.

Honestly, do you ever really look back on all the photos of family and the various mixing and matching, think about what you will look back on years from now. Ensure you get those pictures in and amongst the selection you will receive.

Smile nicely, be happy, let go and be natural. That’s my advice.

Happy snappy.

Photo credit: GingerAle Photography