Love – The power of “YOU” and true happines

Love – The power of “YOU” and true happines

Love – The power of “YOU” and true happiness

This is an entry that may cause you to think and perhaps consider love and Marriage

Getting married is a serious commitment, something that we realise when we walk down the aisle and the signing of the register and the signature at the bottom of a contract, should there be one.

All intentions are pure, at least we hope so. The commitment to love forever until we part ways, in times of need or otherwise.

Ultimately, Love should be all encompassing, whole and pure. Something special and sacred, shared between people who have that desire, intent5 and deep love for each other. Love is the coming together of two individuals

Having thought about this, surely these aspects are highlighted: the love for oneself; having trust in one another and Feeling safe to express oneself.

Considering these aspects in their entirety and actually taking time to think about it. Should you get the first aspect right, it’s a great start. Love and a successful relationship requires a feedback mechanism, that which confirms our feelings, a reciprocation of effort or love, a sense of give and take. This is the meeting point. The point where two individuals find themselves when open to love.

In my belief you in a great and awesome position to commit  to your loved one when you can safely ask and answer the following:

  • A real understanding of oneself. I.e. asking the question “Who AM I?”
  • Knowing yourself and understanding yourself and that which makes you happy
  • Appreciating your contribution to your relationship
  • Forgiveness: this is a tricky one. Essentially letting go of the past and acceptance of who you are.
  • Respecting yourself and your values. I,e the need to not have to justify yourself

Essentially, it’s about getting to terms with whom you are, what you are and that which makes you happy, your desires and aspirations. There should be no compromise, surely?

Getting married and choosing that ideal wedding venue and that special wedding day should be a celebration of the freedom of expression and the will to share and embrace all that you are and the sense of being able to conquer.

So the real stuff comes down to being real and honest with yourself and your partner. It’s about you and your happiness and this will be the precursor to greater happiness. Love is being you and being in the moment, not wanting and wishing, rather appreciating and accepting and enjoying. Honesty brings forth trust and trust forms the foundation. When you free and open and honest, this allows you to share and express your values and ultimately open up and have that sense of vulnerability in the face of love.

When you Love who you are, you are free to trust and express and ultimately feel safe.

That feeling of being safe is what makes us happy.