Marriage of two Minds and bringing families together

Marriage of two Minds and bringing families together

Marriage is so much more than me and you. It is more than the union of two people.

In the Sonnet published in 1609 by William Shakespeare, I make reference to the Sonnet and attempt to understand the words of the Poet.

One should not stand in the way “of Marriage of true Minds”. Love is not Love that requires altering of ones ways, it is a constant. With nautical reference, Love is unfaltering and steadfast in stormy weather. Love is the guiding light much like the North Star to Sailors. Love should not fade with Time. Love is enduring and should see us through to our final days. True love is forever and constant.

In considering Marriage and the beauty of the understanding of the aforementioned, one needs to think a little further than yourself

Marriage brings together:

  • Union of two souls, the trust, love, honesty, and freedom of expression. The strength that embodies the union both physically and emotionally.


  • Bringing together of Families, whether they be similar or disparate. The views and opinions of the parties involved deemed favorable or frowned upon. – referring again to not standing in the way “of marriage of true minds”

Understanding these aspects and the appreciation thereof…

When planning your Wedding Day, consider the people and family members involved and how your day may unfold, and possibly involve family members from both sides. Consider the impact that you could have with a simple gesture and how this could create for a more inclusive wedding day. Something as small as placing name tags on a table or liaising with the musician upon arrival is an example of what you could consider.

Family members on both sides of the aisle are going to be involved in your life whether you choose to appreciate this or not. It important to both your partner that you understand this prior to walking down the aisle.

You, your partner, us, them, everyone – Marriage, love and the union of two and more.