Midweek Wedding

Midweek Wedding

We’ve received incredible feedback from our midweek weddings:

Hey, I just wanted to drop a note and thank you for the most incredible wedding. I loved the fact that it was a Wednesday, felt like a weekend all over again.

I can’t believe we saved over R30 000 by simply opting for the midweek option. Wow, you can use the money wisely, even take a month off work with all that saving. LOL!

What a blast PARTY, PARTY, PARTY.

Thank you for making it special for us, we enjoyed the accommodation and felt at home at the Nutcracker.

The food was incredible, just divine and that Cake, OMG ….just loved it, would love to get my hands on that recipe, I hear it was made by the Nutcracker.

Chat soon and once again, thank you for an awesome time.

#wedding party

#midweek wedding….I have to let a few mates know about the Nutcracker