Nature-Inspired Wedding Ideas

Nature-Inspired Wedding Ideas

Minimalism, rustic chic and neutral tones continue to trend in the world of wedding décor and design, culminating in the aesthetically enviable nature-inspired wedding. And while there are lots of interesting suggestions that will provide a truly rustic feel for your wedding day, there’s a fine balance between creating an elegantly rustic wedding with an effortless air, and ending up with a wedding that just feels without effort. Here are some ideas for creating a beautiful, nature-inspired wedding day.

Nature-inspired wedding day

  • Flowers

Rather than going with the overdone roses and lilies, you can pass on the flowers altogether and incorporate a wedding bouquet and floral arrangements that use only greenery. Olive branches, ivy and ferns are some really attractive options but it’s really just worth finding out what indigenous greenery is available during that season so that it’s readily available and affordable. Pine cones included in the bouquet and arrangements are a particularly attractive addition and bring some lovely texture and colour contrast.


  • Bridesmaid dresses

Be inspired by nature in the wedding tones as well. While bridesmaid dresses are traditionally quite vibrant in colour, a more nuanced tone in earthy hues can really bring in that natural element. It’s important to assess the bridesmaids’ skin tones as well so that they aren’t washed out. Consider shades of a particular colour rather than just one set colour if possible.

  • Wedding confetti

A really simple – and often overlooked – aspect of the wedding is the wedding confetti. We’re past the days of paper and rice confetti, people are looking to organic options that aren’t harmful to the environment. Dried leaves or flowers are a really simple yet effective option, and you can bring in the aromatic aspect by using herbs or lavender.

  • Lighting and signs

Ultimately – weather permitting – an outdoor wedding venue which maximises on natural light is your best bet, but this isn’t always possible. For lighting you can consider paper lanterns, string lights or LED jar lights for a really natural feel. For signs, recycled wood with simple white paint, or framed glass with markers is really effective.


  • Wedding tables

You can’t get more natural than wooden tables and you can take it a step further by adorning them with any number of natural elements. Hessian, hemp or linen table runners with organic place settings and place names written on leaves, pebbles or sea glass – particularly impactful for a coastal wedding.


  • Centrepieces and table décor

There’s so much you can do with natural elements – wood, metal and glass – when it comes to centrepieces and table décor. Glass jars with indigenous plants, brass and copper teapots, leaves with candles – just beware the fire risk! Vintage tableware and candles make for a beautiful finish to any table setting. And, if you’re looking for a splash of colour, consider a red or orange flower folded within the napkin.


  • Wedding favour

Gimmicky wedding favours might seem like a good idea at the time, but they’re often not put to use and end up being a waste of money. Take your cue from nature and go with some rustic wedding favour ideas such as seedlings in a hessian bag; miniature herbs or succulents; or some form of food such as nuts, honey, preserves or tea. Obviously choosing locally-soured, seasonal food makes for a more organic wedding.


  • The wedding venue

Incorporating all the aforementioned nature-inspired items into any wedding will prove pointless if the venue itself is not in keeping with the natural theme. Look for a wedding venue that offers a beautiful outdoor setting – farms, forests or riverbanks – or that has a rustic-feel wedding venue with the promise of modern finishes.

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