Overrated Wedding Trends

Overrated Wedding Trends

There is so much that is wonderful about weddings. The elegant celebration of pure love accompanied by good food, drinks and a beautiful setting. But there is also so much that causes guests to cringe inwardly, witnessing wedding trends and practices that should have been shown the door years ago. Here are some of the most overrated wedding trends you need to cross off your list.

10 Overrated Wedding Trends

  1. Cash bar

While being invited to a friend or family member’s wedding is a huge honour, it is also a huge expense for any guest. The travel costs, accommodation, gift and outfit all add up. So, when a guest arrives to find that they will be charged for drinks, they are understandably disappointed. Money is always going to be a factor when planning a wedding, but if you really can’t afford a drinks budget, then rather have a more intimate wedding. Or, at the very least, allow for free soft drinks, beer and wine. No cash bar please.

  1. Matching bridesmaids’ dresses

Almost as cliched as the puffy bridesmaids’ dress is the matching bridesmaids’ dresses. Of course, you want to have a particular colour palette and overall style, but that doesn’t mean you have to opt for the exact same dress for each bridesmaid. It’s highly unlikely every bridesmaid looks identical so there’s very little chance you’ll find a dress that will suit each one. Rather give a range of styles to choose from and work out which is the best fit for each.

  1. Cake-face smashing

This seems to have originated across the ocean on an American continent but, somehow, this completely mindless trend has reared its head in South Africa. Let’s end it now. Nobody wants to see the bride and groom try to delicately smash cake into each other’s faces for no obvious reason. It’s just a waste of good cake.

Cake-Smash Wedding Trend

  1. Separate invite lists

There is nothing quite so demeaning as inviting a large group of people to a bridal shower, and then only inviting a select few to the actual wedding. Or, even worse, inviting some to the ceremony and not all to the reception. It just smacks of cheapness. The message being conveyed is, ‘I like you, but just not enough…however feel free to buy me a gift’. Rather have a smaller wedding and invite those you truly love.

  1. Garter or bouquet toss

Watching the new groom grope his blushing bride in front of both sets of families is just unseemly. Likewise, calling out all those single people in front of everybody – as if they’re just so sad and waiting around for marriage – is just cruel. Toss that trend.

  1. Naked cakes

Some ‘creative’ decided that the best thing to do to a wedding cake was remove the icing. Absolute madness. In fact, adding more icing would have been a much better trend. Ditch the dry, naked cake and bring back the complete, iced cake to make the masses happy.

  1. Huge bridal parties

We understand you are extremely popular with lots of friends, but not everyone can be a part of the bridal party. You know it, and your family and friends know it. Rather than a massive bridal party that really just detracts from the bride, try find meaningful roles for family members throughout the ceremony that reflect your relationship with those people.

Big Bridal Party Wedding trend

  1. Rustic hessian and mason jars

The rustic wedding has been very trendy in previous years and with it, hessian and mason jars as décor options. Where it was once quaint and original, it is now overdone and cheap, so try look elsewhere for fun décor ideas.

  1. Neutral tones

Don’t feel you have to throw away the neutral tones altogether, rather bring in some interesting pops of colour. A wedding is a time of fun and celebration and neutral tones throughout aren’t going to lift anyone’s spirits.

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  1. Crocs or bridal takkies

No, no, no. This was not a great trend to start and it needs to end before anyone thinks it’s trendy again. White crocs or bedazzled takkies for the bride to rock out on the dance floor are just not fitting to a wedding ceremony. Comfort must be considered, but there are more elegant options. Otherwise just go barefoot on the dance floor. It’s the better option.

Wedding trend no nos

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