The Unexpected Wedding Venue

The Unexpected Wedding Venue

Parys Wedding Venue

Getting married in Parys will certainly generate interest from everybody you encounter. Be prepared for questions such as, ‘Do you have family there?’, ‘Are you from Parys?’ and the more overarching, ‘But, why?’

Well the decision to get married in Parys certainly doesn’t enter most minds the minute the nuptials are agreed to, in fact, Parys in itself hardly features in anyone’s mind for any length of time, but it will actually turn out to be the best decision you’ve ever made. After selecting your spouse, of course.

That overgrown and winding path through the forest of wedding venues – some clearly within your grasp but just missing that perfect element- is a tiresome and relentless path. But my research into the plethora of wedding venues available eventually took me to a mystical and enchanted place I can’t believe isn’t more well known.

Countryside Wedding Venue

For bridal couples coming from Johannesburg, there is often the desire for a wedding venue with a country feel without the massive trek to the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands or Mpumalanga for the adventure. Although there are many stunning wedding venue options available within the city, there are also those looking for a destination wedding feel, without too much distance, as many family and friends will already be making the journey all the way to Gauteng.

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Parys – The Perfect Answer

So starting from the city, I wandered down a hazy path researching countryside wedding venues, which is when I found a magical trail almost hidden in the undergrowth. It led to a small, agricultural town situated in the Northern Free State, a mere hour-and-a-half’s drive from Johannesburg. This rural retreat, where the farming of berries, wild olives and pecan nuts abound, was a veritable riverside oasis. Parys is, quite literally, the ideal wedding venue.

Beauty of such magnitude tends to attract those looking for inspiration which is why it has gently evolved into the arts and antique hub of the region. Situated within the Vredefort Dome – the world’s oldest and largest meteor site – colourful flora mask the region attracting amazing bird and animal life, all of which can be viewed up close via hiking, horseback riding and mountain biking trails. For the anglers, there is no end to fishing spots available to laze away the days. There are also a host of fantastic cuisine options with 18 restaurants, 10 coffee shops, three breweries as well as an exclusive brandy and liquor distillery. This gives wedding guests plenty to see and do throughout their weekend wedding retreat.

A Unique Experience

Nobody I know has ever had their wedding in Parys, so it immediately grabbed my attention as a unique experience. My walk through the woodlands had finally opened up to a clearing with stunning scenery, fresh country air and beautiful weather – warm winters and temperate summers. There was just one last river to cross before my journey came to an end. Finding the actual wedding venue.

Well it turned out to be a trickling stream for me to skip over, because this part of my travels was the easiest yet. Situated 15 kilometres outside of the town of Parys, in the heart of the World Heritage Site, the Nutcracker Country Wedding Venue – also a working Pecan Nut farm – opened its exquisite and rustic doors to me. Nestled within the valley on a gentle river bend, the venue also offers all of the modern amenities needed for an ideal wedding.

Parys Wedding Venue Reception hall

Picture Perfect

The photographer’s job is made incredibly easy with the unspoilt backdrop of farmland, river and rolling hills that are ever present in the Parys scenery, perfect for any open-air wedding. There is also an exquisite onsite chapel available for the ceremony with the elegantly-styled Reception Hall, overlooking the Vaal River, offering a truly intimate place for the reception.

Exclusive Weekend Wedding Venue

Owners of this majestic wedding venue limit wedding bookings to one a weekend, ensuring an exclusive-use venue where the bridal couple and guests are encouraged to enjoy a serene retreat in the company of family and close friends from Friday to Sunday. The onsite executive chef sees to every nourishing need with onsite bar and catering facilities available, while the estate owners provide personalised service, adjusting elements to suit every wedding party’s individual needs and desires.

Parys Wedding Venue The Nutcracker

Although all manner of wedding services are on offer within Parys, the short distance from Johannesburg also allows you to select from any city-based companies, giving you an even bigger range of choice. Read here for more service providers in the Parys area.

Don’t find yourself lost in the woods when searching for that wedding wonderland, make your way out of the rabbit hole and onto the doorstep of the magical Nutcracker Country Wedding Venue.

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