Rustic Wedding Favour Ideas

Rustic Wedding Favour Ideas

The rustic wedding trend continues into 2019 and allows for so much creativity in terms of wedding favours. Burlap sacks, hessian, raffia, wood and glass are all beautiful materials to incorporate into the packaging of these favours that really exude a rustic essence. Here are some lovely ideas for truly rustic wedding favours.

Rustic wedding favours

1. Jam or honey

Locally-produced honey or preserves placed in miniature glass jars with a tasteful label are an easy-to-make and useful farm-style wedding favour. One pot of home-made jam can actually go very far so this works out to be a fairly cost-effective favour as well.

2. Seed packets

A simple packet of herb or flower seeds placed on the table makes for an effective, simply crafted wedding favour. To really save on costs here, you can buy the seeds in bulk.

3. Potted herbs

In a similar vein, potted herbs placed in either ceramic pots or miniature watering cans work well as a wedding favour and table décor. Another on-trend favour that is organically theme is the potted succulent – beautiful and good for nature.

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4. Pickled vegetables

While this wedding favour might take a bit longer to prepare, locally-grown, home-pickled vegetables placed in glass jars is a unique and tasty wedding favour. You can call on a family member renowned for their cooking skills to help with this.

5. Popcorn in mason jar

Popcorn remains a firm favourite for rustic weddings and looks really attractive on the table. Place this in a mason jar or even a brown paper bag with a stylish sticker. Another option, which requires less effort, is placing popcorn seeds in smaller jars.

6. Sweets in a mason jar

For a really fantastic visual effect, replace popcorn with a mixture of colourful sweets – marshmallows, jelly beans, smarties – and place these in a mason jar, candy container or even a vase.

7. Olive oil

You can either purchase olive oil in bulk and de-cant into beautiful swing-top bottles with rosemary or other herbs. Alternatively, look for locally-made olive oil to give your guests.

8. Mini pies

A really delicious wedding favour is a miniature pie – either savoury or sweet – placed in a box. You can either make this yourself, if you’re brave enough, or outsource to a kindly family member or friend!

9. Crackers

Create your own farm-style wedding crackers that can be made from hessian or brown paper, topped with dried flowers or herbs. You can fill these with whatever you feel appropriate to your own wedding – packaged seeds, sweets or even a personalised note.

10. Home-made clothing or items

For winter weddings, a pair of handmade socks, a scarf or a beanie is a really useful – but ultimately time-consuming gift. This will work well for more intimate destination weddings. If you’re willing to put in the time, any crocheted items such as coasters, key rings and ornaments are a lovely idea too.

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