Unique Wedding Invitation Ideas

Unique Wedding Invitation Ideas

You put so much effort into planning your wedding day, from the décor and draping to the wedding favours and flowers, so why not get everything off to a great start with a really unique wedding invitation? This will set the tone for the entire event, so you’ll want to consider the font, colouring and theme of your invitation. Here are some really creative ideas for a wedding invitation that will stand out.

Wedding Invitations

1. Passport wedding invitation

The increasingly popular destination wedding trend deserves a really fun wedding invitation so why not opt for a wedding ‘passport’? After admiring the beautiful passport cover, guests will be supplied with information about local activities near the wedding venue, accommodation options and local eateries.

2. Wooden wedding invitation

Replace paper with a more captivating wooden wedding invitation that has the wedding details and designs laser cut into the wood. This works well with the more rustic, country themes and is an eco-friendly option.

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3. Viewmaster wedding invitation

While this might seem a bit much for a wedding invitation, it’s certain to be a hit with your guests! The nostalgia of the viewmaster will, no doubt, resonate with all, and it makes for a really fun and interesting wedding invite.

Viewmaster wedding invite

4. Chocolate wrapper wedding invitation

If you’ve got a sweet tooth then share your passion for chocolate with your guests in this crafty and delicious chocolate wrapper invitation. Use the funky-style wrapper as the space to outline the wedding details and the chocolate as a way to entice your guests.

5. Bookmark wedding invitation

For the literary lovers, this wedding invitation combines a passion for books with the functional gifting of a wedding invite in the form of a bookmark. Every book lover who’s had to use a tissue or old receipt as a bookmark will appreciate the need for back-up bookmarks.

6. Library card wedding invitation

Another one for the book lovers! Using an old-school library card template – just like the cards found on the inner cover of the library book – outline your wedding date and list the big moments in your life leading to this point. An old school ink stamp will add a nice, classic feel.

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7. Jigsaw puzzle wedding invitation

Who doesn’t love a jigsaw puzzle?! Print out your wedding invitation on a cute little jigsaw and send the pieces in an invitation envelope. Perhaps it’s wise not to make the jigsaw too complex – a 1000-piece is definitely a no-go – otherwise you might not have anyone arrive at the venue.

8. Newspaper wedding invitation

For something a little different, a personalised newspaper creates a lot of opportunity for creativity in style. You can make this as intricate as you like – crossword puzzles, cartoons – or as basic as you’d prefer.

newspaper wedding invite

9. Film canister wedding invitation

Using old photography film, and as many clichés as you can fit in (think ‘capture the moment’ and ‘picture this’) give your guests a compact, tactile invite to your big day. It’s definitely one that will stand out.

10. 3D glasses’ wedding invitation

Wedding invitations are always more fun when a few gadgets are involved! Hide your wedding details in a 3D design – but just make sure you give your guests 3D glasses to decipher the date.

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