Useful Tips when planning your Wedding day.

Useful Tips when planning your Wedding day.

Whether you the kind of person who goes with the flow, or rather one who prefers to manage each and every aspect of your wedding day; here are some pointers to consider.

Wedding Venue

You should feel at home in the venue of your choice. It’s always the intimate and less commercialised wedding venues which offer that special touch. A Wedding weekend getaway is always a great option and offers so much more than the typical 10 hour slot you find at the conventional function hall whilst being speedily ushered on your way when the bells chime 00h00.

The establishments which are owner managed tend to provide you with a little more comfort that things are under control. You are not merely a number, rather an integral and special part of their business and lives. Having hands on deck, particularly an owner or someone with a vested interested in your wedding day is far more appealing to most people.

Time of year

Another consideration is the time of year. We should change our mind-set about a winter wedding. Most of us have the mind-set of Winter being Dull and dreary, yet  the landscape reveals its own beauty, the kaleidoscope of colours at dawn and the cooler sunny afternoons which are generally pleasant in that typical Suit and Tie. The most beautiful backdrops are also those where less is more and the greys and browns and shades of Gold add a totally different perspective to your photo opportunities. Also, once it’s dark, the colours outside seem to fade away into the night sky.

So it’s important to enquire about any discounts which are available, there are generally great week day offers as well as the often referred to “Winter specials”.


Your budget is a key driver to your decisions making. Ensure you have a very clear and transparent list of items making up your quote. It is often the most obvious of questions which are not asked that come back to bite you.  The important aspect of the quote is obvious the venue Fee, ensure you have a very clear understanding of what this entails. The food will make up a large portion of the quote so make sure you getting value for your money.

Menu options

We would all agree that the Food and Music makes the day an awesome one. Venues generally have an array of options or set menus. It’s important that you provide your guests with a great selection of food which would satisfy the basic and perhaps more sophisticated pallet. An added bonus is a trained chef on-site, who is able to tailor your menu to your needs and assist in providing you with that special option that you may have seen in your latest foodie magazine. Menu options may vary or change over the cooler months of the year; this is due to the seasonal availability of certain foods as well as more home styled options like a great Soup or perhaps some Gluhweihn which always goes down well.

A plated menu is an expensive option and is general not well executed by most venues. The food either takes ages to come out and you find half your guests having finished their meal before others even get sight of their plate. The variety of options is diminished by plated food and it generally shoots up your cost by 30%.

Consider a harvest table with a great variety of food from which to choose. Ask how this will be served and how it would impact your table placing. This is a far better option than a cold and small helping of under done fillet, sparsely plated in front of me.


We will follow up with some more pointers to assist you in making the right decisions.