The Most Awesome Wedding Cake Ideas

The Most Awesome Wedding Cake Ideas

The tradition of a wedding cake to celebrate your nuptials is one that has been passed from century to century. But gone are the days of fruit cake and marzipan that’s for sure. Today just about anything can pass as a wedding cake, from cheese wheels to cupcakes, to cake pops and more. Wedding cakes are one of the areas of your wedding that you can really experiment with. Here are 5 of our favourite South African wedding cakes.

Great Wedding Cake Ideas

1. Cakepops Wedding Cake
Cake pops have taken the world by storm and cake pop wedding cakes seem to be a firm favourite in 2016 and 2017. The beauty of cake pops is that each guest can help themselves to a cake pop throughout the night. No cutting needed. They also look amazing.

cake pops wedding cake

2. Love Story Wedding Cake
Story wedding cakes have become very popular in recent years and their sentimental value is wonderful to celebrate on your wedding day. Either the wedding cake contains trinkets that mean something to the bridal couple, poems or sonnets or silhouettes of their love story. Either way these wedding cakes definitely start a conversation and the beauty in which they capture a couple’s love story is priceless.

our story wedding cake

3. The Cheese Wedding Cake
Not everyone has a sweet tooth and for those couples that prefer something a little more savoury as their wedding cake, a cheese cake is the perfect solution. Choose wheels of cheese that are different sizes and stack them on top of each other. Serve with crackers, figs, grapes and marmalade for an awesome twist on the sugary wedding cake.

cheese wedding cake

4. Traditional African Wedding Cake
With beautiful traditional African weddings in abundance in South Africa a traditional African wedding cake is the perfect complement to a traditional celebration. Many bridal couples use the colours and patterns of their individual tribes or alternatively a wedding cake celebrating the African landscape is also loved. Either way a traditional African wedding cake is so wonderfully, uniquely South African.

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african wedding cake

5. Personalised Wedding Cake Toppers
Wedding cake toppers symbolise all that is traditional and fun about a wedding day. Wedding cakes just don’t seem complete without the bride and groom perched on the top. Much like anything nowadays, wedding cake toppers can be completely personalised. Some couples prefer miniature versions of their dogs as the bride and groom toppers whilst others choose an exact miniature replication of themselves. A fun idea is to place two Polaroid photos on the top as in the cake below. Either way, wedding cake toppers can add a bit of humour and fun to your wedding menu.

wedding cake toppers

6. The Naked Wedding Cake
You might be asking what on earth a naked wedding cake is and rightly so. A wedding cake trend in the last few months (and no we’re not talking about naked sculptures as wedding cakes) is to have an un-iced wedding cake. This works brilliantly with carrot cake, chocolate cake, marble sponge or any other sponge that is a bit different. If you’re going for a natural, rustic and country theme, a naked wedding cake could be an awesome option.

naked wedding cake

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