Wedding Décor Trends 2018

Wedding Décor Trends 2018

This year’s weddings will be moving away from the rustic barn themes and neutral tones towards more edgy, vintage décor. Bold colours, metallic backdrops and industrial styles will be turning 2018 weddings into truly classy affairs. Here are three of the overarching décor trends you can expect to see.

3 Must See Wedding Décor Trends 2018 

  1. Urban Vintage Style

Industrial spaces are becoming popular wedding venues, providing decorators with the same blank slate offered by barns and other rustic venues. However, industrial spaces are more edgy than ethereal barn-styles and open up a variety of décor opportunities. These urban canvasses are being decorated with vintage touches, creating a really inviting contrast with romantic undertones.

Some décor touches include:

  • Edison bulbs – these exposed hanging bulbs with glowing filaments are replacing the fairy lights of last year. They are a statement piece which also bathes the entire venue in a lovely warm glow. They can be draped across the room or clustered in one area.
  • Light boxes – these trendy pieces are functional and aesthetically captivating. Use them to spell out personalised information such as wedding dates or married names, or to direct people to the bar or dessert tables.

  1. Enchanted Forest

Greenery, mystique and a hint of fairytale will be trending in 2018 as the enchanted forest setting takes hold. Garden weddings will incorporate the lush, greenery and colourful flowers that harken to the fairytale forests and magical lands of unending promise.

Some décor ideas include:

  • Cascading bouquets – say goodbye to petite bouquets and embrace overflowing bouquets reminiscent of Princess Diana’s wedding day arrangement. Rather than selecting a few floral types, take the opportunity to mix a large array of colourful flowers.
  • Foliage – owing to Pantone’s Colour of the Year – greenery – the incorporation of foliage throughout the wedding décor is expected to be huge. Big bouquets will also include large leaves with the natural woodland look dotted throughout the venue.

  1. New Age Industrial Metallics

It’s time for bold colours brought to life with vibrant metallics. Copper and rose gold are warming up wedding venues across the globe with acrylic, lucite and geometric décor taking hold. The light, airy pastels within the rustic venue are being replaced by deep hues, metal and classical elements.

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Great colours to expect:

  • Black and gold – everything from invitations to menus are incorporating this contrasting pairing which fuses elegance with edge. There is also room for textured elements in the wedding invitations to bring in a tactile experience to set the tone.
  • Dramatic hues – expect rich colours like burgundy alongside black accents of gold, copper, silver and chrome bringing a really ‘new age’ feel to weddings.

Marble and Copper Wedding trend

While the bohemian feeling of past wedding trends hasn’t completely slipped away, it’s been emboldened by more striking colours and illuminated with metallics. There is more of a modern, industrial feeling which is being softened by warm lighting and vintage elements.

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