Wedding Décor Trends 2019

Wedding Décor Trends 2019

The New Year brings with it a host of exciting new trends in wedding décor and design that will start seeping into the world of weddings. It seems bold hues and luxuriant opulence is taking hold in 2019, while organic, natural elements will still find their place. Here are some of the top wedding décor trends you can expect to see.

10 Wedding Décor Trends

  1. Scented candles

The romantic illumination of candles has long been popular for wedding décor, but with this trend we’re going to see the olfactory organ getting some attention as well with the introduction of scented candles. But rather than just opting for a basic vanilla scent, bridal couples can even design a signature scent that captures their individual essence. These also work really well as wedding favours.

  1. Organic foliage

This wedding décor trend will see the replacing the stylised wedding arrangements with abstract floral arrangements that break out of the traditional, across the wedding venue. Saving space on centrepieces, these organic arrangements can be found hanging along walls, creeping along archways and creating a ‘secret garden indoors’ effect.

  1. Tailored greenery

The neutral beiges and rustic motifs are making way for a lusher wedding feel as bridal couples opt for greenery throughout. Large, overflowing floral centrepieces can quite easily be replaced with vines and leaves weaving their way across the tables. An exciting trend for wedding décor.

  1. Luxurious fabrics

Thicker, ultra-luxe fabrics will be the preferred décor material for winter weddings this year so you can expect to see a lot of velvet, faux fur, cashmere and corduroy – all of which add texture and richness to the venue. These can be used in table runners, furniture, blankets and more subtle design elements on invitations and signage.

  1. Brighter colours

Pastels have now been bypassed and we’re welcoming the re-introduction of brighter colours to the wedding décor palette. Zesty, citrus hues such as orange and yellow, as well as deeper colours such as mauve, burgundy and emerald green will find their place in wedding décor.

  1. Boxes for centrepieces

For those wanting to retain the traditional centrepiece for tables, the use of ceramic and wooden boxes is now becoming a favoured wedding décor trend, retaining the rustic feel with the contrast of vibrant colours.

  1. Designer cakes

The wedding cake also forms an integral part of the wedding décor and we’re saying goodbye to nude cakes and hello to much more creative interpretations. Textures are being created through icing, decorations and sugar flowers, with metallic finishes and even personalised monograms being incorporated.

  1. Silver and chrome

The magical wedding sparkle will not be overlooked in 2019 as silver, chrome and glitter brighten up the wedding décor, replacing the popular rose gold of previous years.

  1. Translucent details

Contrasting nicely with the earthy elements is the trend of acrylic into wedding décor for everything from place cards and signage to chairs and tables.

  1. Eco-conscious décor

Driven by rising temperatures and following in the footsteps of Prince Harry and Meghan’s wedding, eco-conscious choices will be on the rise for all wedding décor choices. Everything from locally-sourced flowers and food to reusable straws and eco-friendly favours will be on the cards.

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It’s important to work with whatever wedding trends speak directly to you as a bridal couple so take the elements that resonate and personalise them for your special day.

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