Wedding Music Vibes

Wedding Music Vibes

Getting your tunes right for your wedding day.

That’s music to my ears

Music brings people together

The sound of music

Musical chairs,

the pianist, cellist, orchestra, DJ, singer, the guitarist or the violinist.

The sense of sound and feeling that music brings to any wedding party or occasion whether it shared with others or enjoyed alone.

Music makes all the difference, especially on your wedding day.

From the time your guests arrive, just before you walk down the aisle and whilst you enjoy the spread of delicacies tantalizing your taste buds and enjoying the subtle sounds of the notes of music in the background.

This is the scene you are able to enjoy and experience at the Nutcracker Country Venue.

Music is everything and everything is what you want on your wedding day.

Money well spent is better reserved for the aspects that have the greatest impact and ultimate desire of your guests ready to let go and have fun celebrating your wedding day.

Ultimately, you want your wedding day to be the ultimate celebration.

Some useful pointers:

♬ Spend time on your playlist; give thought to the type of music that is an expression of you and the music that will create for the ultimate celebration.

♬ Highlight the songs that will have impact…these songs must resonate with you and provide the platform to launch the party.

♬ Consult with your DJ; ensure you on the same page.

♬ I recommend a musician whether it is a guitarist, cellist or violinist prior and during your ceremony, it’s just so much better than a track on a cd.

♬ Question the sound equipment and make sure you not getting a tin can rendition of the rolling stones.

Ultimately, spend time considering the music for your wedding day. This aspect of your wedding is as important as the food or the gift favors or wine on the table.

Music is critical to the dance floor, the success of your wedding day celebration and why we all get dressed up for nothing; surely you want to show off your dance moves to some good tunes and funky vibes.

Party party, wedding party, disco dance and let go…this is music to my ears.