Wedding Photographers, Mobile Phone Cameras & Unplugged Wedding Tips

Wedding Photographers, Mobile Phone Cameras & Unplugged Wedding Tips

“The Wedding Photographer” together with “The Wedding Venue” is the priority items on the to-do list when planning a wedding. This seems to be the norm as the rest follows, so-to-say.

When it gets to the photographer, it’s a personal choice governed by budget and influenced by the style of shoot.

I often ask my guests when last they walked into a friend’s home and noticed a wall of wedding pics or perhaps one on the mantelpiece. Prompting them to give some thought to quality photos vs quantity.

In my view, a selection of great quality shots should capture the essence of your day and the intimate photos of you and yours whilst attend to the special moments with friends and loved ones.

Technology using mobile phones and applications can provide you with more options and another dimension to the capturing of moments

Unplugged weddings are a trend at the moment, allowing your guests to savour the moment and be present whilst avoiding the typical photobombing that spoils the professional wedding photographers shoot. You can combine professional and unplugged aspects, with some ground rules in place.

Consider the following when deciding on a wedding photographer:

The budget – this can get pricey. Obtain comparative quotes and be sensible about exactly what you want.

  • Steer clear of packages that include 300 or 400 or however many hundreds of photos, it simply not necessary.
  • Photographers sell a combination of time and quantity – couples opt for pre-ceremony through to the late-night dazzle pics – consider what the package offers.

Your chosen venue should be able to provide you with a reference list of photographers, alternatively, ask a friend or go on-line. Ensure that the style of the photo suits your taste. Each photographer has their own unique signature.

Encouraging the use of mobile camera phones

In a world where people are checking their phones, taking photos and uploading to Facebook or Instagram in an instant, there are various applications available and ways in which to incorporate technology to take advantage of photo opportunities and social media.

Cell Phones at Weddings: Using Periscope to Broadcast the Wedding

Periscope is a handy little smartphone application that is used to broadcast live video. Apps like Periscope allow attending guests to capture the entire wedding and broadcast it to those who were invited but unable to make the trip.

Guests Can Capture Beautiful Moments That the Photographer Missed

While the photographer is busy, the bride’s niece might be taking her very first steps in her new pink shoes and frilly dress.

Immediate, Live Clips and Snapshots on Instagram

Instagram offers nifty video sharing features for short clips of the wedding day, sharing the unique experience that every guest has had through their own eyes.

Unplugged weddings:

Do you wish your ceremony to be “un-plugged” – do you want to look down the aisle to see your friends and family hiding behind a camera or their phone as they take photos and upload for the world to see before you have even said ‘I Do’?

Beautiful wedding photos of you walking down the aisle can be ruined. Respectfully request your guests to put away their phones prior to attending the ceremony until such time that it is announced

Some pointers on how to manage an unplugged wedding:

  • Communicate this early and often (website, invitations or calling your guests beforehand)
  • Asks the officiant prior to the ceremony to announce that you are having an unplugged ceremony/wedding. Guests will always take a chance and go for that shot, its best to advise them to stay clear of the professional photographer.
  • Discuss what parts you want unplugged – especially during the ceremony
  • Perhaps re-iterate the message multiple times in multiple places – elegant signboards will do the trick.
  • Consider limited photo opportunities – allow your guests a few minutes after the ceremony to take their own shots, it’s a great way to let them take what they want without ruining your shots.