Wedding Trends for 2018

Wedding Trends for 2018

There is a real convergence of traditional elegance with new age subtleties for weddings in 2018 with some of 2017’s trends falling by the wayside while otherwise have been altered just a touch. Here are some of the most exciting wedding trends going into 2018.

10 Wedding Trends For 2018

  1. Vintage engagement ring

The Edwardian-style rings are making their way onto the 2018 circuit as more vintage-fashioned engagement rings start trending. Family heirlooms are now being re-worked so that the classic element remains with a more modern spin.

Wedding Ring Trends

  1. #wedding

To truly individualise your wedding, couples are coming up with their own wedding hashtags and even slogans. The hashtag helps co-ordinate photos and information across social media platforms while the slogan can be incorporated into the invites, wedding boards and gifts.

  1. Fusion of marble and copper

The whiteness of the marble brings a cool, sophisticated element to the wedding while the warmth of metallic copper brings the décor to life.

Marble and Copper Wedding trend

  1. Edison bulbs

An amalgamation of 2017’s fairy lights in a warehouse trend is seeing the emergence of Edison lights – hanging exposed bulbs which really illuminate the wedding. These can be draped or even clustered cleverly for an avant-garde chandelier of sorts.

  1. Nearly naked cakes

The naked cake is out – but not completely. Wedding cakes are now being lightly touched with a thin scraping of buttercream which adds flavour while keeping the sponge cake visible. This translucent cake trend can be added to further with seasonal fruit or local flowers.

Wedding Cake Trends

  1. Formal not frivolous

Although there will be room for some frivolity and whimsy in 2018’s weddings, expect to see more of a move towards more traditional weddings with formality and routine coming back. A touch of sparkle and a hint humour will make sure the wedding is not stuffy. A wedding trend for 2018.

  1. Bold shoes

Gone are the neutral pastels in the footwear department, 2018 wedding trends will see some bold statements when it comes to shoes. This will include colour, glitter or even slogans. And this foot fashion isn’t just for the bride. Bridesmaids will also get a chance to show off some fun shoes as well.

wedding shoes trends

  1. Mini cakes and doughnuts

For those looking to move away from the traditional wedding cake, there is the option of range of mini cakes which can be served as dessert. Doughnuts seem to be remaining a popular choice as well with a doughnut wall consisting of an assortment of this flavoured treat.

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Wedding Cake Trends

  1. Creative bars

The rising popularity of craft beer, gin and even prosecco has brought about some fun wedding trend option in the form of mobile bar stations. These can be fashioned out of anything from classic VW Kombies to horse boxes and are always a really great wedding inclusion.

  1. Raise the neckline

When it comes to the dress, ballgowns are looking to trend in 2018 with Pippa Middleton bringing back the high-necked wedding dress, in sharp contrast to the plunging necklines of recent years.

Wedding Dress trends

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