Wedding Trends for 2019

Wedding Trends for 2019

The New Year brings with it fresh ideas, a transformed colour palette and innovative décor ideas for the wedding industry. We are definitely seeing a number of wedding trends, which have dominated the past few seasons, falling away to make space for some truly creative stylings. Here are some of the top wedding trends we’re expecting to see in 2019.

7 Wedding Trends for 2019

  1. Colourful dresses

No doubt the white and ivory wedding dresses will still make their way down the aisle but there is a definite move away from traditional, light-coloured wedding dresses to much bolder colours – even black. The wedding trend is rather than having bridesmaids in the blush or lavender hues, brides are choosing these colours for their own dresses. Alternatively, brides are opting for a splash of colour on the lining or accessories as a way to tie into the overall colour theme.

Colorful Wedding Dress

  1. Colourful décor

These vibrant tones are making their way into wedding décor as well in 2019 with the copper, pastels, rose gold and blush of previous years finally heading for the door. Richer colours such as burgundy, turquoise and emerald are making a statement, featuring in bridesmaid dresses, invitations, florals, linens and choice décor items. You can also look forward to deeper blues, jewel tones and the traditional silver and gold colours in weddings in 2019. A colourful wedding trend!

  1. Smaller bridal parties

With the rising cost of weddings, bridal parties are becoming much more intimate with generally only a Maid of Honour and Best Man joining the couple. This allows for the budget – generally allocated to dresses, makeup, hair and suit hire – to extend to other areas of the wedding.

burgundy and navy wedding trend

  1. Flowers are back

We’ve seen the greenery trend dominate wedding décor the past few seasons but weddings in 2019 will definitely see the return of vibrant bouquets and floral arrangements. While greenery will still form an important part of the décor, it will not take centre stage but rather be used in addition to the deeper-hued, bolder floral creations.

  1. Food stations

This has been an emerging wedding trend that we expect to be fully embraced in 2019. Food is becoming a real focal point of weddings so couples are looking to be creative while also providing their guests with tasty meal options. Instead of the overdone buffet station, the various food types are separated into funky stations such as the seafood bar, custom pizzas, gourmet burgers and dessert stations – all with the relevant designs and décor.

wedding trend

  1. Engagement moons

Another fun trend in the wedding world is the replacement of ‘honeymoons’ with ‘engagement moons’. The associated expenses related to weddings mean that people don’t have funds to go galivanting after the nuptials, so they opt to go on a romantic destination holiday after the proposal. This also provides a great opportunity for engagement photographs in a beautiful setting and allows the bridal couple a chance to relax and dream about the big day.

  1. Socially and environmentally-conscious weddings

Following in the kind-hearted footsteps of Harry and Meghan, bridal couples are looking to make a difference with their wedding for environmental or charitable causes. The royal couple asked people to make charitable donations rather than buy gifts, and we are likely to see this sort of benevolence in 2019 – particularly as most people already have the items traditionally gifted at weddings. Sustainability will also form an important part of wedding planning in 2019 – environmentally-friendly décor, reusable products, locally-sourced ingredients…it’s all about the planet next year! A wedding trend that is a must for future generations.

No matter what trends you decide to incorporate in your 2019 wedding, just make sure you get ahead of the game by booking a venue early. Everything will fall into place after that!

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