Why Winter Weddings are the Best

Why Winter Weddings are the Best

While many bridal couples might dismiss the notion of a winter wedding in favour of one held in the warmer months, they are missing out on the many benefits that come with having a winter wedding. With careful planning, creative insight and a bit of imagination, your winter wedding can be an enchantingly romantic masterpiece.

Winter Weddings

Here are a few reasons to tie the knot in the winter:

  1. Chic indoor weddings

Relying on the weather is a fool’s game so if you opt for a cosy, indoor wedding first-off, you’re removing the added stress that comes with every wedding day by ruling out poor weather. Indoor venues are also particularly inviting for smaller wedding parties and open up your venue options tremendously.

  1. More economical

Without a doubt, winter weddings are the more cost-effective option and, when it comes to weddings, any money saved is a major bonus as this can be put towards the honeymoon or home savings. Because winter is generally considered off-season, venues and services are typically more reasonable and you won’t have to contend with a hoard of ‘non-wedding guests’ honing in on your space.

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  1. More options

Because winter is off-season, more service providers and venues are also available for booking. Where you might have to opt for your second or third-best caterer and stylist in summer, you will be getting top-level treatment at your winter wedding, often for a lower rate.

  1. Memorable occasion

With most weddings held in the warmer months, it’s fair to say that the majority of guests will count a winter wedding as something quite rare. This unique value of your wedding certainly makes it more memorable for everyone involved.

  1. Comfort food

The crisp atmosphere outside your wedding venue will get your guests’ appetites going and what better way to satiate the appetite than hearty, wholesome winter food. Soups, stews, roasts and old-fashioned, decadent puddings such as treacle tart and chocolate mousse are the ideal menu options. The simpler the cuisine, the less expensive, so once again you’ll be saving. Warmer beverage options such as hot chocolate and mulled wine also suit the occasion.

  1. Welcoming glow

The shorter days and longer nights call for the romantic glow of candles, dimmed lights, fairy lights and candelabras, creating a truly cosy atmosphere for guests. If it’s really nippy, a fireplace adds an unmatched romantic element while also warming up your guests.

Winter Wedding Photos

  1. Expansive colour palette

The bare, icy winter setting lends itself to an overwhelming array of vibrant colours and sparkling décor which might come across as overdone at a summer wedding. Deep, rich jewel tones, emerald green, ruby red, silver, sapphire blue and deep purple are all fabulous options for a winter wedding.

  1. Forever flowers

Where floral arrangements quickly wither and wilt in the warmer temperatures, they tend to last longer in the colder environments so your arrangements and bouquets are more likely to keep their form throughout the day.

  1. Flawless makeup

Heat means sweat which means makeup disasters. A winter wedding allows the bride and her bridesmaids to look fresher for longer, with the professionally done makeup surviving throughout the day. Just remember to moisturise in the preceding weeks and bring along lip ice to mitigate the dry, flakiness that can be caused by cold weather.

  1. Extravagant wear

Tuxedos, ballgowns, full-length gloves, boots and capes make for a truly eye-catching occasion but this elegant attire is far too uncomfortable for summer. Take full advantage of your winter wedding by going all out on the garments.

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