Your first viewing of your chosen or potential Wedding Venue

Your first viewing of your chosen or potential Wedding Venue

Ensuring that your wedding day is awesome

Once you have found your ideal location and arranged for an on-site meeting. These few pointers may assist you in getting the best out of your visit.

It’s always good to know who you will be meeting on your site visit. It makes a big difference with someone who may be integral to your wedding day and not merely a person or staff member tasked with simply welcoming you to the premises. The first few minutes upon your arrival should provide you with a good idea as to the feel of the venue.

Many of the establishments are available to viewings over the weekend. Should the venue be hosting a wedding or function, ask to see whether it is possible to grab a sneak peek of the reception venue and perhaps some décor ideas and an idea of table placements and size, also get a sense of the vibe or mood of the people walking about, getting their last minute  to-do’s sorted out prior to the Ceremony.

A good start is to look at the guest book, have a look through the comments. This should always give you a good idea of what’s on offer, consider aspects regarding food and service and perhaps any further comments in the guest book that may provide you further insight.

Remember, it’s the food and service that are very important.

A walk through the facility, looking at the rooms available, the various aspects surrounding the venue, the proximity of buildings and distance between the areas. The various décor items and the way in which the venue has been decorated, the design and feel of the place should resonate and allow you to feel comfortable. It should be evident right up front whether the venue would be a great place for photos.

It’s imperative you get a warm and fuzzy feeling about the place. Your ideas you wish to incorporate into your wedding day should complement the various aspects of the venue.

Consider what your guests will be doing whilst you having your photos taken. Some venues make great use of the scenery and location to provide a great entrée to the day with a variety of snacks or a picnic type layout. When your guests are fed and have something to drink, they don’t worry about how long you going to be with your photos. Ask the question whether the use of lawn games is permitted, it’s always great fun!

Once you have had a walk through with the representative of the venue, ask if you able to walk about alone. This will give you and your partner or travel friend time to consider things on your own. Any further questions can be considered before you leave.

In a nutshell:

  • Get a feel for the place. Consider whether the venue meets your desires and picture you have in your mind.
  • Meet the important people who will be making your wedding day a special one. Who is who and how do they make you feel.
  • Confirm the available dates
  • Do a walk about and start to create a story board or a picture in your mind of how your wedding day will unfold
  • See what décor ideas would work on your wedding day.
  • Having a quick chat (you can always consider this in more detail further down the line) about the menu – Check that guest book, it’s a good indicator.
  • Consider the proximity of buildings and features; this will assist you in planning your day. Try making the most of what is on offer and try as far and as long as possible to keep your guests entertained whilst pictures are taken.
  • Consider comparative pricing. The whole idea of the viewing is gather information which would assist in making a well-informed decision. Go through the quote so that you clearly understand what it all entails.
  • It could also be the ideal time to match people to accommodation rooms.

Go through your list of questions and make notes of any ideas you may see on the day.