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The Nutcracker Country Venue is situated on the farm Schurwedraai outside Parys in the heart of the Vredefort Dome.
From the early 1920s, the Farm housed a school that was attended by the local children who would be seen walking for miles or carried by horseback to get to class.

The land along with a simple 2-bedroom house, out-shed, and lister diesel generator was purchased by the Van Der Merwe Family in 1995 from a dear old lady in Potchefstroom who was adamant about passing on the land to people she felt would honour and appreciate the area.

Plans were soon drawn up to establish a pecan nut orchard, of which the first trees were planted in 1997.
This year will see the first of our new arrivals of boerbokke onto the estate.

The Nutcracker Country Venue was established in May 2010 after one of the sons who had previously married on the lawns where the chapel now stands,
thought it best to let guests share in the splendour and beauty of the farm.

Over the past 10 years, we have witnessed the marriage of over 450 couples and celebrated in their union. We have witnessed fond memories being created,
fed many bellies, and seen the dancing into the late-night hours. We owe our success to the passion and hands-on involvement of all family members.

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