The Nutcracker

2020 Wedding Trends:

 Wedding trends can range from brilliant to bizarre, so it’s all about finding the ideas that suit your style.

 From going green to getting creative with culinary treats, we’ve put together a round-up of wedding trends set to make a storm in the coming seasons, we all know the French have the edge when it comes to fashion and chic, accordingly

They expect 2020 to be inclined towards vintage, bohemian or rustic chic, natural themes.

There is something magical about a winter wedding and it’s slowly becoming one of our favourite wedding seasons. The list of colours we associate with winter weddings is ever-expanding, from the classical festive favourites to variations on copper, metallic, pinks, frosted pastels, greys, blues, and so much more. If you’re exchanging vows come winter, read on for some on-trend colour palettes to really wow your guests!

Check out the “Bold Colours” below for some ideas.

Statement Headpieces:

From vintage diamanté hair clips to boho-inspired flower garlands,  it’s all about the statement headpieces.

Whether you’re looking for something more decadent like a tiara or a more ethereal headband, with this trend making such a comeback, you’ll be spoiled for choice.

Going Green:

Many brides will be opting for eco-friendly wedding ideas. More people are becoming environmentally conscious every year.

So how can you have a more eco-friendly wedding?

Here are just a few ideas:

Recycled stationery – from invites to place cards using recycled materials is a great idea. You can even buy a paper which contains seeds so your wedding can contribute

Beautiful flowers months after the big day!

Local is Lekker – when planning your wedding menu think about sourcing local fruits and vegetables or even go totally organic.

Seasonal flowers – natural weddings are in style so go for flowers that are ethically produced and in season. Planning your wedding around the natural products available is a beautiful way to help the environment.

Bold Colours:

More couples are opting for bold and vibrant hues; this can add to the overall aesthetic and create a more vibrant look.

A few years ago, the trend was to choose one or two colours for your wedding theme. In 2020, the fashion is for variations and combinations of several different colours.

The bride and groom will then choose a global atmosphere, even if it is not a very specific theme: shades of different colours, suspended lavender, white candles, but also notes of bright and chic colours, such as shades of pink, red, and even orange. Mustard yellow, ochre, cumin, and saffron are also very popular this year, mixed with intense or dark greens such as sage green.

All these colours will be sublimated by touches of gold, but also silver, very fashionable this year.

  • Rose Gold and Dark Wine
  • Forest Green, Black, and White
  • Chocolate Brown and Dark Red
  • Silver and Gray
  • Dusty Blue and Blush
  • Light Grey and Silver Green
  • Light Rose and Pale Blush
  • Moody Dark Navy and Forest Green

Getting back to nature:

For a beautiful and completely customizable wedding, there’s no better place than the countryside. The Nutcracker Country Venue is a typical example.  We’ve got good news for the wild at heart brides; it looks like 2020 are the best years for an outdoor wedding!

So from stretch tents to tipis, you can create the perfect outdoor wedding space.

Bringing outdoors inside:

Outdoor weddings are fantastic; you can bring the outdoors inside of course!

We’re talking more than just your typical wedding flowers. Tailored greenery is likely to replace centerpieces at a lot of weddings in the next few years.

Getting technical:

We are talking about photography, videography and cool effects, Check out our previous write up re. The unplugged ceremonies. ( Couples are increasingly opting for drones to photograph or film their big day from the air!

You essentially have a projector that shines light or images onto the walls and floor, transforming your space however you want.

Finding your culinary creativity:

So how can you make sure your guests can’t stop talking about your wedding menu?

Smaller plates replacing the big meal to give a wide range of options, to DIY food stations. Don’t be afraid to be a little adventurous!

The sweet workshops will be in high demand: waffles or pancakes workshops, ice stands, popcorn bar or juice and smoothies bar. The food truck is still relevant. Opt for caterers who offer creative cuisine: wasabi popcorn, cheese bars, chocolate bars.

At the end of the day, you want your guests to remember your wedding as an incredible day and what’s an easy way to do that?

Food, glorious food!

An innovative wedding dress

A major new trend this year is the wedding dresses with pockets. They allow you to combine beauty with the utility since the bride can put some personal belongings such as a mobile phone or lipstick in there for a discreet little adjustment. As for the shape, the fashion suggests as short as possible, with refined and simple designs.

In terms of colour, the trend tends for” Scandinavian whites “, i.e. almost white: dusty blue, peach, blush and powder pink, sage green or grey tones.

We shall also see trousers, still very refined and keeping the top subtle, made of lace and delicacy.

Bright and flowery decoration for your 2019/2020 wedding: 

The 2019/2020 season marks the trend towards flowers with suspended floral arrangements that decorate both gardens and interiors. We imagine giant hanging wreaths of flowers, standing on your tables. Flowers will be the key elements of the reception tables, for a chic or bohemian rustic style, but also for a more classic and refined wedding. The trend is natural, with flowers and wood.

For the bride’s flowers, the fashion will be to the flower hoop, made of soft flowers, foliage, and ribbon. It can be selected in gold or copper.

2020 Wedding Invitations:  

Luxurious wedding invitations, vintage wedding invitations, lace wedding invitations, bohemian wedding invitations or chic rural wedding invitations, beautiful new wedding invitations are waiting for you again this year.

Creative papers always refined and elegant, one wants to touch this delicate and refined stationery. Here again, the colours are in vogue, with peach, pink gold, powder pink, and pastel colours. There are also flowers, floral decorations, pink flamingos, pompoms and lace that will dominate 2020!