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Choosing a wedding card & Things to say – “Love You Long Time”:

“Here’s a little something to start your life together.”,

“I want to kiss you all over and over and over!” and many countless lines that could be appropriate or not!

Wedding season is upon us and in full bloom. We thought it important to provide wedding guests with some pointers as to how to go about the “Wedding Card” aspect.

You have spent time driving around to find a decent looking card, it need not be a headache deciding what to write in a wedding card. A couple’s wedding day is often the most memorable day of their lives. Share your excitement with a celebratory “Congrats!” or “Best Wishes!” Then, make it extra special with a personalized note. Add in an anecdotal message or a personal wish for the couple’s new journey together. There are no hard and fast rules when putting pen to paper. As long as your message is heartfelt and offers the couple a positive wish for their marriage, you are good to go. Say even more by adding photos to your wedding card to commemorate fond memories with the newlyweds.

Wedding cards are customary for anyone who wants to send wedding wishes to an engaged or newly married couple. If you’re following traditional wedding guest etiquette, you’ll either want to bring the card to the wedding reception or mail it directly to the couple, you could even send a nice card if the wedding is small and you’re not invited.

The design of your wedding card: 

Think timeless, romantic, and elegant. And sometimes, less is more. A soft, subdued design can put more emphasis on a heartfelt message. With our spectrum of wedding card templates, you’re sure to find one that resonates with the couple’s personality as well. from standard greeting cards, you find at a stationery shop to homemade cards, small tags attached to gifts and even simple, digitally created wedding messages that are printed and shipped to the couple with their gift. All of the above pass as a wedding card and are considered okay, so don’t feel the need to have more than one. Rejoice with an exciting design that resonates with the couple. If you know the theme of the wedding or perhaps a few of their favourite things, pick a design that incorporates that! Let your personality, or the personality of the couple, shine.

(Then again, if you bought a gift off the registry and want them to also have a pretty card from you, take one to the reception and drop it in a wedding card box or on a gift table!)

Messages expressing Excitement & Showing Gratitude:

Make your greeting one-of-a-kind with a meaningful message. Include a favourite photo, a fond memory, or a personal wish you have for the couple. Tie in an expression of gratitude to show your appreciation for the couple and their accomplishments, as well as your support for their future to come. If you’re a guest at the wedding, bring your wedding congratulations card and give it to the couple at the reception. A more personal message should be shared intimately. If you’re eager to express your joy and excitement, you can choose to share your wedding wishes digitally on your social platforms or email. Congratulations can also be shared before or after the big day, even if you are not attending the wedding.

Wedding Gifts to Accompany Your Congratulations: 

Shop from the registry is traditional for a reason because it’s exactly what the couple wants! A great way to pick out a gift from the registry is to choose one that is meaningful to you and perhaps that is relevant to your relationship with the couple. If you are attending the wedding, then put the most investment into the gift you give them on the big day. It’s customary to bring gifts to showers and other events, and unless there’s a registry for those as well, then you can have a little more freedom to give a more personalized gift. It’s not imperative to give your gift to the wedding. It’s often easier to have the gift shipped to the couple. It’s proper etiquette to share your gift no later than three months after the date of the wedding, so whether you’re sending a registry item, a group gift, or cash or a check, be sure it arrives in time.