A view from the sky:

The Vredefort Crater, Parys, and surrounding area create the picturesque setting to relax, unwind and spend quality time with your nearest and dearest. Whether it be from the sky or the roads less travelled, it often leads to adventure and unforgettable memories.


Nearly 2 billion years ago the worlds oldest and most popular impact structure was formed, the Vredefort Crater; when an asteroid measuring at least 5 kilometres in diameter shot across towards Earth. The Vaal River can be seen traversing in the northern part of the structure, and in some areas, the course of the river forms an arc in map-view restricted to a valley in between the uplifted ridges.


The quaint town of Parys is situated in the Free State is a mere 60-minute drive from Johannesburg. Parys is most well-known for its antique shops and for being located in the Vredefort Dome.

Parys was established in 1873 and is often referred to as a little Paris.

Most of the buildings were destroyed and when peace come in 1902 after the Anglo-Boer war, and Parys had to make a fresh start. The current Parys Palm Court Hotel is one of the few surviving century buildings, as is the museum and a few houses in town.


Parys provides ample activities for tourists in the town itself and the surrounding countryside.

The town is scattered with art, antique, and coffee shops; most situated on the main road Breë Street.

Parys has two golf courses for avid golfers, a beauty spa for those who want to be pampered. For the more adventurous tourists, Parys also offers pigeon clay shooting, hiking trails, abseiling, 4 x 4 routes, and meteorite trails. The Vaal River is the ideal location for river rafting or hot air ballooning if you want to view the area from the sky.  


As the Vaal River runs past Parys, the area is ideal for cattle, farming of maize, sunflower, sorghum, and pecan nuts. In the 1920s the farm housed a school that was attended by the local children.

Our estate was purchased in 1995, by the current owners, the van der Merwe’s. The first pecan nuts trees were planted by hand in 1997.On our estate, we have 1466 pecan nut trees of various cultivars, on a 12-hectare estate.


The pecan nut orchards offer a spectacular backdrop for wedding photos. Since 2010 when we first opened our doors, we’ve hosted more than 450 weddings and it’s always been such a pleasure to see people’s faces light up when they see the orchards whether it be winter or summer. The different seasons provide a different look, yet both are still beautiful in their unique way. The Nutcracker Country Venue has a unique style with antique tables, chairs, and décor. It is like nothing around.

We offer weekend weddings where guests can arrive on Friday for their décor set-up and intimate time with their close friends and family the evening before their wedding. The chapel, reception venue, and everything in between is located close to ensure a good flow for the day’s events. We offer a picnic-style starter that is served under the trees, next to the lush lawns and Vaal River. The delicious meals are prepared by our highly praised Executive Chef; we only use the freshest and best ingredients.

The wedding day is stress-free and coordinated by the owner. After celebrating the night away, guests can enjoy breakfast together before departing.